AEA Specialists

Experience & Confidence

AEA is driven first and foremost by the quality of our people. Our core team and our individual specialists have been chosen on the basis of two broad categories of qualification: first, because they each have depth of experience and expertise in their respective specialties; and secondly – but equally important – because as individuals they have integrity, they are innovative, and they possess intellectual and analytical discipline allied to practicality.

The diversity and depth of our talent pool and skill sets enables us always to act quickly and employ creative solutions to the variety of opportunities our clients bring us and also those that we aim to originate ourselves.


AEA has a carefully selected group of specialist experts whom we can deploy on a project specific basis as needed and according to the specific skill set or experience that is required for a client project.

A key element in AEA’s approach is that our people think like, and are in fact, owners of businesses. Our ability to deliver entrepreneurial advice and solutions to our clients stems from the fact that our key individuals know personally what it means to be acting entrepreneurially.

AEA’s specialists are all individuals with genuine knowledge, and substantial experience and expertise in their individual industry or regional sectors. All have 20-30 years’ experience as practicing professionals. All have demonstrated credibility and track records of achievement.


  • Experience – AEA’s specialists have 20-30 years’ experience in their specialist field. There no newly-minted MBAs with fantastic theoretical knowledge but no real world experience.
  • Professional Competence – AEA’s specialists are known in their individual specialist fields, and have demonstrable track records of working with clients and achieving results.
  • Work in Regions and Industry Sector – The expertise developed by AEA’s specialists comes from having lived in the regions on which they advise and having worked extensively in the industry sectors on which they consult.
  • Think like business owners – Most of the specialists are running businesses they own or in which they have equity ownership.
  • Entrepreneurial Experience – Many of AEA’s specialists have been acting entrepreneurially for many years – they started their own businesses or firms.
  • How AEA works – AEA does not bring senior individuals to win business and then hand the project over to be handled by less experienced individuals. There are no inexperienced juniors at AEA. Because of industry experience AEA specialists are competent to work on the implementation of solutions
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